Founding partners of a Brno based studio are Kristýna Shromáždilová and David Šrom, classmates and both authorized architects of ČKA – Czech Chamber of Architects. After our studies of architecture and urban design at Brno University of Technology (1998 – 2004) and after six yers of practise we founded our studio in 2010. In the same year together with Lukáš Fišer we won Brno´s public urban and architectural competition  for the reconstruction of the “Roman Square” in Brno. Since autumn 2015 is our third partner architect Václav Štojdl.


2017 – Cultural and Sports Center for Youth, Brno, architectural competition, 3rd place
2016 – Public space Jasanová, Brno, urban competition, 1st place
2010 – Roman square, Brno, urban competition, 1st place
2010 – Divišov square , urban competition, 3rd place



apartment house kociánka brno
family house lelekovice 03
family house praha
apartment house české budějovice
family house velká bíteš
apartment house hluboká nad vltavou
hairdresser’s brno


public space brno-jundrov
cafe české budějovice
family house boskovice
digital gallery bratislava
flat in praha
2 family houses kunštát
family house brno zabovresky 02
family house moravany
family house zasova – vesela
4 family houses sebranice


bieblova brno
family house lelekovice 02
kindergarten semily
gigacomputer brno
red house ostrava
family house sebetov
town house “rimak” brno
kastanova center brno
type houses modulplan
family house brno kocianka
family house brno zabovresky 01


vila münz brno
family house jablonov
family house lelekovice 01


hotel pegnitz / ger
housing brno pisarky
family house brno cerna pole
hlinky center brno
housing kobylnice
fountain “rimak” brno
family house brno obrany
4 family houses kobylnice


interier bistro bratislava / svk
family house jinacovice
housing brno horni herspice
family house praha vinor
interior edenred brno


roman square brno
interier molo brno
interier fait gallery brno
8 family houses jinacovice
basty brno
farmers markets “rimak” brno